Coronavirus safety measures

I am excited to announce that as of 7th September, I am offering face to face sessions again. I am happy to continue offering telephone or Zoom sessions if you feel more comfortable for the time being. It is entirely your choice.

I am really looking forward to welcoming you back and also welcoming new clients. For my existing clients, there will be a couple of changes to things like the layout of my room and sanitising necessities. My room is even more cosy and comfortable than ever so please do not be worried. Here’s what to expect:

  • When you arrive, I will have sanitised the door handle (internally and externally). The door will be ajar so please let yourself in and close the door behind you. I will already be in the room so please don’t worry, I will direct you with what you need to do.
  • Please feel free to hang any coats/bags on the hooks to the left of you as you enter.
  • There will be a hand sanitiser on the counter to your left. I would appreciate you using this before taking a seat. I will have already hand sanitised prior to your arrival.
  • Please take a seat in the chair nearest the door. A freshly laundered throw will be over the chair and removed at the end of the session and replaced with another freshly laundered throw for the next client.
  • For the moment, I have made the decision not to offer hot drinks but I can offer you a bottle of water which you can open yourself to ensure the seal is not already broken.
  • If you need to use the bathroom, that is absolutely fine and please be assured that after each use, the facilities will be fully sanitised so that they are safe for the next person to use. I will provide individual flannels for you to dry your hands after washing. Once used, I ask they be placed in the basket on the floor next to the sink for laundering.
  • Social distancing rules (1 metre apart) will be adhered to at all times by myself. I ask that you do the same. Please be assured that the layout of the chairs accommodates these measures.
  • Government guidelines are continuously changing, so for the moment, I will be wearing a see through face visor during our sessions. It will probably feel a bit strange for both of us to start with but I’m sure we will soon adapt! If you wish to wear a face mask, please feel free to do so but it is fine if you wish not to.
  • Payment will be taken at the end of the session. Payment by card or bank transfer would be best, but if this isn’t possible, cash or cheques will be accepted. If paying by card, most banks have increased their Contactless limit to £40 so there shouldn’t be the need to touch the card payment machine. If contactless payment isn’t possible, then I will wipe the card machine surface down with an anti-bacterial wipe, step away and then you can insert your card and pin number. I won’t be issuing paper receipts but I am happy to send a confirmation email or invoice.
  • And finally!….When you come to leave, please open the door yourself and leave it ajar.